Who We AreAkbank Innovation Center: Akbank LAB

As Akbank LAB, we believe that banks should constantly develop and update themselves due to rapidly changing technology and customer expectations. For this reason, our primary goal is to ensure that Akbank is the first bank to considered as collaboration partner for innovative companies and to quickly provide local and global cutting edge innovations to its customers.


What We DoWe are Bringing Akbankers and Whole Innovation Ecosystem Together!

As Akbank, we believe there are many things to learn from every ecosystem player. To this end, we want to be in touch with FinTechs, start-ups and anyone who offers innovative solutions and products, and to evaluate the opportunities of cooperation with all relevant business units. We do this both on a continuous basis through and events such as Hackathon. Be a member of Akbank Lab and contact us to discuss what we can do together. Get the chance to deliver your solutions to a wide range of customers!

What kind of innovation process is there in Akbank? As Akbank Lab, we are executing fast Proof of Concept (PoC) for projects in order to evaluate the potential partnerships with companies which could support us in our development areas. In the event that we reach the aimed deliverables at the end of these projects which last 3 months, proved solutions are deployed into processes.

All you need to do to be involved in this process is to become a member of our portal and share your detailed and up-to-date information with us via!


Innovation with Fintech and Start-up Companies

We want to be in touch with all companies that offer innovative solutions and products. All you have to do for us to get to know you better is sign up for our portal and share your information. We will be in touch shortly and evaluate our cooperation options.

  • Membership to
  • Akbank LAB and Business Unit Evaluation
  • Face to Face Interview
  • Proof of Concept Projects
  • Deployment


Innovation with Designers and Developers

Please contact us after being a member of our portal even if your product is in idea stage or has not been incorporated yet. Also, do not forget to join our periodical events like Hackathon.


Innovation with Akbankers

At Akbank, all employees are involved in innovation processes. Employees who have innovative projects share their ideas with Akbank LAB. As Akbank LAB, we communicate with companies which can support business units to put the project into practice. Also, our internal innovation competitions are another activity that incorporates our employees into the innovation process.


TEAMAkbank Lab Team

The work at Akbank Lab is carried out by the Innovation Center team, with the guidance and support of our Innovation Committee.