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In cooperation with Akbank LAB and imece, we invite all developers, software developers, designer professionals and ambitious students in these fields to the Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech competition to produce innovative solutions on disaster technologies.

In the Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech competition, which will start online on October 14 and will be completed at Sabancı Center on October 22, you have to develop an idea from scratch that focuses on disaster warning systems, disaster preparedness, humanitarian aid and recovery in teams of 3-5 people. Participants who will be selected as a result of the evaluation following the applications will have the opportunity to compete in a breathtaking manner. In the final to be held on October 22, the most successful teams will be selected by our jury and receive their awards.

Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech offers the opportunity to be a part of the collective effort where different minds will come together and shape the direction of future disaster technology. If you would like to contribute to a safer, more resilient and inclusive society by using technology as a catalyst for positive change, we look forward to your application with your innovative ideas that will enable us to protect and save lives.

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What Should You Expect

Innovative ideas that will create safer and more resilient disaster management processes with technology are competing with each other.

A week-long fierce competition and breathless competition awaits all software developers, designers and developers.

We provide APIs and services that will make your job easier during the Hackathon so that you can focus on developing your idea.

Our mentors will be with you to answer your questions on any issue you may have about the idea and software.

The most successful teams that present their ideas to our juries will be evaluated by our jury and will receive their awards.

You will have the opportunity to get to know disaster technologies closely and learn their applications

Event Theme

With Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech, we encourage innovative ideas to solve pre-disaster, moment and post-disaster needs with technology without any limitations, with the theme of disaster technologies. You can produce solutions in many fields such as energy, agriculture, food, drone/robotics, using a wide range of technologies, from mobile applications to artificial intelligence, from big data to web3. The solutions produced will be developed from scratch during the Hackathon and will be presented at the MVP stage. You can develop products and software by focusing on areas such as pre-disaster risk reduction, preparedness processes, immediate disaster response and post-disaster reconstruction.

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Frequently Asked Question

Who can attend the event?

We invite all software developers, designers and developers who enjoy developing ideas and software, who want to experience the Hackathon spirit, and who have innovative ideas on the theme of disaster technologies, to Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech.

How do I join the event?

To participate in Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech, you must first form your team and fill out the application form on the ReFi Turkey website. Participants will be selected as a result of the evaluation among those who fill out the application form. Selected candidates must participate in the Hackathon with their own computers.

Is there a fee to attend the event?

Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech is a free event. A certain amount of transportation support will be provided for the teams that will be invited to the final meeting.

Is the software we will be expected to develop focused on one area?

Yes, our goal in this Hackathon will be to produce innovative solutions in disaster technologies that will enable us to protect and save lives in order to contribute to a safer, more resilient and inclusive society.

How will the event be different from other hackathons?

Akbank Hackathon: DisasterTech will be an event where, in addition to the collaboration between Akbank and imece aiming at social benefit, many partner institutions and organizations will come together and contribute to solutions.

Where can we follow the announcements?

You can follow us on Akbank, imece and ReFi Turkey websites and social media accounts.