When was the Akbank Innovation Center (Akbank LAB) established? What is the purpose of the establishment?

Akbank LAB was established in early 2017. The main aim is to coordinate the innovation work in Akbank and to strengthen the innovation culture in Akbank. In doing so, we intend to communicate and cooperate closely with all internal and external parties (Akbank employees, fintech / startup companies, etc.)

Why should I become a member of

As an individual or a fintech /startup company member of the portal, you can share information about products, services, applications or innovative ideas you have. The information you share with us will be examined in detail by Akbank LAB team and possible cooperation opportunities will be evaluated. Thus, you could capture opportunity to cooperate with Akbank, Turkey's most valuable banking brand and grow your business.

What kind of process do you expect from me after becoming a member of the portal?

Our primary goal is to be in contact with fintech and start-up companies that operate in areas related to the finance sector, have products and ideas that could be used in banking and insurance, etc. Your field of activity can range from digital payments to large data analysis, from operational efficiency to customer experience design. As a member of the portal, please provide us with detailed information about your products, services and applications, so we will be able to evaluate cooperation opportunities with you.

Can I subscribe to anytime?

Yes, you can always subscribe to portal. We also recommend that you apply to our regular events like Hackathon.

Do we have to operate in certain areas to be assessed?

Information you share with us will be examined in detail by Akbank LAB team and relevant business units in terms of areas that our bank currently focusses on, the customer expectations and the maturity level of product & service you offer. According to the result of evaluation we aim to exchange more detailed information by a face to face interview and to make a proof of concept project. In case of a successful outcome, we would like to plan following processes.

I do not have a product yet and I am in the idea stage. Can I subscribe to portals?

Yes, please subscribe to our portal even if your product is in idea stage or if it has not been incorporated yet. We are open to evaluating ideas and projects at every level of maturity.

I have more than one product. Should I sign up more than once?

No. Once you are a member, you can share information of your products and services with us on your profile information

Do you have an acceleration or incubation center program?

We currently do not have an acceleration or incubation center program.

We have existing collaborations with other banks. Can I still be a member of the portal?

Yes, you can sign up to portal if you are currently working with other companies or banks. We are open to evaluating cooperation opportunities with all companies.