General Information

In cooperation with Akbank LAB and imeceLAB, we are inviting you to develop innovative and inclusive solutions to the question of "How can we create inclusive and sustainable financial systems that focus on social and environmental impact?" by bringing together interested teams.

In the “Sustainable Finance for the Future” Program that will last for 2 weeks, we offer an area of knowledge and experience based on learning with;

•The basic principles of social innovation and sustainable finance,
•Workshops in accordance with the People Oriented Design methodology,
•Expert mentor network and access to social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Program Partner:

What Awaits You?

Impact Investing

How can systems be designed to measure the social and environmental impact to be observed before, during and after investments?

Responsible Consumption

How do we build mechanisms that will enable the consumer, who has the purchasing power, to make informed decisions in the field of sustainability?

Financial Inclusion

How can we create more accessible financial systems that cover vulnerable groups?

Sustainable Products and Services

How can we design sustainable and innovative products and services for individuals and companies in transition to a sustainable economy?

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