General Information

We invite all developers, programmers, designers and students interested in these fields to participate in the Code: SME Online event to produce innovative solutions that will help digitalization of our SME customers.

In Akbank Hackathon held between June 26 and 28 which is supported by Akbank Lab and Technology and Operations Department, you have to build your solution from scratch within 48 hours. Only participants, who will be selected as a result of the evaluation regarding applications, will have an opportunity to compete. In the final to be held on June 28, the most successful teams will be selected by our jury and will receive their awards. We are looking forward to your ideas that will focus on digital transformation, creating new sources of income online payments, income-expense management, remote-work and communication during the competition.

At the Hackathon event, APIs and services will be provided by both Akbank and IBM to facilitate your project. You will be able to use IBM Watson services easily.

What awaits you in Hackathon?

New ideas that will add value to the lives of customers compete against each other.

You will have a tight and breathtaking competition which will last 48 hours.

We provide APIs and services that will facilitate your work during the Hackathon so that you can focus on putting your idea into practice.

Our mentors will be available to answer all your questions about anything related to software and services.

All finalist teams will present their ideas to our juries, and the most successful teams will receive their awards after evaluation results.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the banking industry and its applications.

Theme of Event

Solutions to create new sources of income for our SME customers
Solutions to enable our SMEs to receive fast and online payments
Solutions that will facilitate access to new customers and facilitate our SMEs to move their businesses and processes to digital platforms

Solutions to enable our SMEs to work and provide services remotely
Digital solutions that will enable our SMEs to communicate more effectively with their customers
Digital solutions that will enable Akbank to communicate more effectively with its SME customers

Solutions to enable our SMEs to manage their financial activities more effectively
Solutions to make access to financial resources easier for our SME customers
Solutions that optimize revenue, expense and stock management of our SME customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are eligible for participation?

In Akbank Hackathon we welcome all software developers and designers who like to create digital solutions, want to feel the spirit of Hackathon and have innovative ideas.

How can I participate in the event?

To participate in the event, you must first fill out the application form. Participants will be selected based on evaluation to be made among those who complete the application form. Selected candidates need to use their own laptops in the event.

Is any fee charged for participation in the event?

Participation is free of charge.

Do you expect the developed software to be focused on a specific field?

Yes, in Hackathon, our objective is to produce innovative digital solutions that will help digitalization of our SME customers.

Why this event is different from other past hackathons?

Unlike the other hackathons, we will not come together in a physical environment, but in a completely digital environment for the fist time.