With the Akbank+ Program, Akbankers Have the Opportunity to Establish Their Own Startups!

Employees who develop their business ideas by joining Akbank+ are going to have a chance to establish their own startups with the support of Akbank.

We continue on our way by expanding and developing our activities that we carry out within Akbank LAB and our programs that contribute to the both ecosystem and in-house innovation culture.

While we continue to develop the innovation culture through collaborations with fintechs, innovative projects and open innovation programs, we aim to support Akbank employees who want to establish their own startups, to find our business partners from the institution and to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey with this new program.

What is Akbank+ Program?

Become an Akbank+ Entrepreneur

Akbank employees develop their entrepreneurial ideas, find financing and exit Akbank as entrepreneurs with the Akbank+.

Work a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Akbank+, a first case in Turkey in this sense, allows Akbank employees to work on their entrepreneurial ideas full-time, rather than in parallel with their jobs.

Become an Akbanker

All Akbank employees who have recently joined our bank or have been working for years can apply to the Akbank+.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

With Akbank+, Akbank employees will be able to step into entrepreneurship and change their careers by realizing the ideas they dream of.

How Does the Process Work?

The teams selected among Akbank employees who applied to the Akbank+ Program with their business ideas will take a break from their current duties for a while and focus on their entrepreneurial ideas on a full-time basis. While participating in various trainings and workshops, they will also receive intensive mentoring sessions, further developing their business ideas during the incubation phase with support processes such as software and design.
At the end of the program, if an investment decision is made by the Akbank+ Investment Committee, the selected teams will be supported to establish their own startups. If an investment decision is not made; the teams willreturn to their current jobs at Akbank to use their entrepreneurship and innovation perspective in their new projects and will guide Akbank employees who will embark on this journey.