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We invite all software developers, designers and developers to produce innovative solutions in regenerative finance field to the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, organized by Akbank LAB with Avalanche technology.

In the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, to be held at Sabancı Center between September 30 and October 2, you are expected to develop an idea on the Avalanche platform within 48 hours from scratch. After the applications close, all the applicants will be carefully evaluated. Only the selected participants will have the opportunity to compete. Once the 48 hours hackathon is completed, the most successful teams will be selected by our judges and will receive their awards in the final event, which is going to take place on October 2.

If you are also interested in topics ReFi (Regenerative Finance), Blockchain and Fintech; we look forward to your application with innovative ideas that will regenerate the world and design a new economy where the Web 3.0 transformation meets the impact ecosystem.

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What Should You Expect?

Blockchain-based innovative ideas that will contribute to the regeneration process of humanity and the world are going to compete with each other.

API and services to make your work easier during the Hackathon are going to be provided, you can focus on developing your idea only.

A fierce competition that will last 48 hours awaits all programmers, designers and developers.

Our mentors will be with you to answer any questions you might have about software and services.

Selected participants will present their ideas to our judges. The teams that are voted the most successful will be awarded.

You will have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of ReFi, Blockchain and Fintech and learn how they can be applied.

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Useful Links

You can find detailed information about the Avalanche platform here

You can subscribe to Akbank API Portal here

Click for more about ReFi Türkiye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

In Akbank ReFi Hackathon, we welcome all software developers, designers and developers who enjoy developing blockchain-based projects, who want to experience the spirit of Hackathon, and who have innovative ideas on regenerative finance.

How do I participate?

To participate in the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, firstly you must fill out the application form. After evaluations, participants will be selected from those who have applied. Selected candidates must attend the Hackathon with their own computers.

Is it a paid event?

Akbank ReFi Hackathon is a completely free event.

Should the ideas be focused on a certain subject?

Yes, our goal in this Hackathon is to produce innovative blockchain-based solutions that will regenerate the world and design a new economy where Web3 meets the impact ecosystem.

What is going to take place at the event?

Akbank ReFi Hackathon is a unique experience that includes a long and challenging marathon with a fierce competition on regenerative finance powered by Avalanche technology and networking opportunities.

What will set this event apart from other hackathons?

After the online Hackathons we have held for the last two years, we will meet again face to face at Sabancı Center.