The call process for the applications for the 'Akbank ReFi Hackathon', which will be implemented with the theme of Regenerative Finance, has been completed.

23 September 2022

In the 'Akbank ReFi Hackathon', the first hackathon to be organized by a bank over the blockchain network in cooperation with Avalanche, esteemed jury members representing the blockchain and impact ecosystems, including BRSA Vice President Mustafa Aydın, are waiting for the participants.

This year, Akbank LAB deepens its focus and adds a new hack to the hackathons it organizes every year with the theme of “Regenerative Finance”. The 'Akbank ReFi Hackathon' will be the first hackathon to be organized on the blockchain network by a bank in Turkey in cooperation with the Avalanche network. Programmers, designers and developers from all over the country showed great interest in the Hackathon, where innovative ideas will be developed to start the repair process of man and the world on the Avalanche platform.

The teams that will compete in the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, which will be physically held at Sabancı Center between September 30 and October 2; they will develop their ideas that will design a new economy and start the repair process of man and the world on the Avalanche platform within 48 hours. In the final to be held on October 2, the 3 most successful teams will receive awards of 100,000 TL, 60,000 TL and 40,000 TL, respectively, as a result of the jury evaluation.

BRSA Vice President Mustafa Aydın and Akbank Retail Banking and Digital Solutions Deputy General Manager Burcu Civelek Yüce are among the valuable jury members, while Avalanche Foundation Manager Aytunç Yıldızlı and Ava Labs Turkey Business Development Director Selim Kender; Purpose-Sustainable Ideas Founder Dilek Bil will be from the impact ecosystem.

Most of the applications to Akbank ReFi Hackathon were university students and young professionals who developed projects in this field. Particularly, the blockchain clubs of universities showed great interest in the event, and there will be participants from 23 different universities in 7 cities among the finalist teams. A fierce competition and a breathless competition await a total of 80 people, consisting of 19 teams selected as a result of the evaluation.

While the teams compete with their blockchain-based innovative ideas that will contribute to the repair process of man and the world; They will also have the opportunity to get to know the fields of Regenerative Finance, Blockchain and Financial Technologies and learn their applications. The excitement of the Hackathon, which will start with the Opening Session to be held on September 30 at 14:00 with the participation of Akbank Retail Banking and Digital Solutions Deputy General Manager Burcu Civelek Yüce, will continue with networking and mentoring sessions.

Mentors from many organizations such as BiLira, Enno Wallet, Gamiworld, Graph Commons, Ledger, Lytera, Menthol Protocol, Majoris, Markr, Mindstone Blockchain Labs, Muhabbit Capital, Neufi, S360, Viveka, especially Akbank and Ava Labs teams will support the participants.

After the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, Web3 and ReFi ecosystems will continue to be supported as part of the ReFi Turkey program. To get information about the ReFi Turkey platform;